Tip #6 “Dress yourself, dress your apartment with the right decor.”

Clothing helps shape our visual image. When we want to change, we usually begin to change the visual image, which is accompanied by the purchase of new clothes, shoes and accessories. The same approach applies to any space in which we find ourselves.

Any visual image consists of color, shape and texture. By changing at least one of these components, you can create a new visual and functional image.

There is an opinion that it is easiest to change what will require fewer resources such as your strength, time, money. As a rule, this is what we call decor.

Although, here one can argue if the decor is, for example, the original paintings by Van Gogh, the cost of which may exceed the cost of the living space itself. In the usual case, you can choose a more budget option if you use reproductions of paintings by famous artists or illustrations.

Decor is an ambiguous thing.

"Architectural" decor is anything that relates to the design of your space and carries a functional load, such as doors, floors, walls, windows, stairs.

"Picturesque" - in fact, everything related to the drawing: paintings in frames, paintings on the walls, posters, drawing on tiles.

"Sculptural" - decor of three-dimensional form from various materials: sculptures, floor lamps and floor pots for plants, etc.

Each of the above decors can be either "active" - ​​influencing the design of the space, for example, a spiral staircase in the middle of the room, or "passive" - ​​carrying the function of decoration, for example, decorative pillows, vases, carpets and rugs, curtains and curtains, posters and prints .

It is the decor that inspires cold basic geometric shapes, correcting, hiding flaws, harmonizing, creating a certain mood. Decor in the form of paintings and prints on textiles, posters is a kind of clothing for any space. And like any clothing, decor can be changed, creating new and new images. Here are some tips to help you.

Start by creating a "moodboard", translated from English literally "mood board". This is a kind of collage of magazine clippings, pieces of fabric, photographs with images that represent your future design. Use Internet resources that accumulate a lot of images of both individual decor items and ready-made interior solutions. One of them is pinterest.com

The first thing that "strikes you" in the interior is the color. The colors you choose determine the theme, they will also determine the overall style of the room.

For example:

marine - the color of water and the color of coastal pebbles or sand;

botanical - the color of foliage, plants and trees;

Scandinavian - the color of stones, sandstone, wood, etc.

The main color of the room should be more than 50% of all color schemes

The number 3 is the number of basic color solutions that are used in proportions of 50:20:15; everything else is gradient or midtones, or contrasting colors, let's call them complementary colors.

The remaining additional colors, although small in their ratio compared to the main ones, are incredibly important, as they can determine the spirit of the decor as a whole. It's up to you to decide if it's neutral or playful, rebellious or provocative.

Vertical color schemes stretch the space, horizontal colors expand and lengthen.

Be careful with the placement of printed decor to avoid variegated colors. It is better to stick to one base color, which will be present in all interior items in a 50% ratio. For example, the base color on the walls should be present at 50% in all textiles and the color scheme of the paintings.

It is better to work together with a professional decorator. Not because you may not know something, just believe me, finding the right combination of texture, color and shape is a difficult task, and a professional decorator has a lot of combinations before his eyes and recommendations from such a specialist are very valuable.

Remember that any rules are not a dogma, include your instincts in your work and form your own individual space, which is many times more valuable than something calculated by someone in advance, since it is you who will live and work there.

Be prepared to change everything tomorrow, as your mood may change.