Clue #5 "5 excuses for the question "Why did you choose this picture?!""

We are all different and it is natural that we like different things, but there will always be those who do not understand and do not accept our choice.

How many sharp statements have you heard about your choice of clothes, decor, interior, etc. Verbal expressions that sometimes kill not only your mood, but also all the motivation to live creatively.

Now the question of the day:

How easy is it to get rid of such individuals on your fingers?

Or, in our case, how to explain your choice of artwork to your friends and acquaintances?

1. Hipster approach.

"Now, it's mainstream! Recently, Justin Bieber acquired this."

Find out who your opponent likes more and add:

"You know that your idol has something similar in the interior. Don't you already have something like that?!"

"Hmmm!" - a sigh of disappointment, towards this person and turning away, start moving towards the next object in your apartment.

2. History is everything!

Tell a story like Michael Bay.

“Once on another trip to London, on a late rainy evening, the Hound of the Baskervilles suddenly chased after you! In the darkness, you ran into a dead end, where you were forced to fight with a wild animal. You fought long and hard for your life. Finally, you managed to throw a ferocious animal into a pile of garbage, where there were buckets of paints, oddly enough there was an unfolded canvas nearby!

And this struggle for life is depicted on this canvas. Unforgettable experience! This picture is still standing before your eyes.

Or something like that. Most importantly, do not forget to shed a tear at the end of the story and, for greater realism, show a small scar or it could be a pimple mark on your body with the words: “Here, you see!”

3. Psychology of pressure.

Start talking about the fact that you are not satisfied with “this squalor” hanging on your wall, but for the time being you need to close something over the hole above the piano, which your friend (who is now standing in front of you) did at your last party after drinking everything liquor that was in the house. In less than a minute, your acquaintance "Mr. smart pants" will begin to argue that your choice is fine.

4. Flurry of terms.

Throw criticism with clever terms. It is not necessary to be ready and study dictionaries in search of smart phrases. Mix English words with Russian, add something from German. Who said that school German lessons are not useful and “Voila!”. Oh! Yes! This is French! The bigger, the better! So:

"This picture voices the photographer's view of the solidity of humanity and its vibe thinking in this technological time."

Yes! Yes! I'm describing a picture of a tree in the middle of a field that you "poked" on your iPhone while you were on your way to barbecue.

Then, a dramatic pause and the word "Yeah ..", on the exhale.

While your frustrated critic "digests" what was said, move the conversation to another topic.

5. A complete personality.

Well, if you are the person who does not care about the opinions of others, and you are ready for a frank and open dialogue (here, by the way, you get an asterisk "*" for usefulness), then just tell it like it is, what you like about your choice . The main thing is that this picture is your self-expression. And your choice makes you a little happier.

P.S. Who rejoiced at the star, raise your hands!

Ahh yeah! And, for now, the first 4 tips are valid for you.😉