Tip #4: "Art prints in the modern fashion industry."

Modern art print or fashion print is yesterday's pattern, ornament, mosaic. Today, art print combines everything that is an image - this is text, photography, graffiti, reproductions of famous paintings, and any kind of abstraction like "I painted the walls in this T-shirt."

What art prints are in trend right now is determined for us by analytical agencies, studying the socio-economic environment and making forecasts for years to come. But designers themselves decide to follow these guidelines or follow their own philosophy.

Today, art print is used on all accessories and garments. Art print, like a shell around the design of the cut of clothes, helps to form a complete image. The popularity of art print is increasing day by day. The reason for this is our choice of basic forms of clothing and everyday items. Designers, following our choice of clothes, also focus on versatility and minimalism when creating clothes. They know that an art print applied to a base item allows you to transform it into a festive one. It should be noted that creating radically new shapes and cuts for clothes is more difficult than developing a new art print that allows you to visually change the basic and slightly boring shapes.

As an example, the unusual work of designer Mary Katrantzou. She literally made a revolution in the minds, changing the usual view of art prints, highlighting it as a separate design element. Mary Katrantzou

works in the style of trompe l'oeil, which means "trick of the eye" in French. The uniqueness of her prints lies in the visual three-dimensional effect that is obtained when the image is developed on a computer. The discovery made by Mary prompted many designers to develop her ideas in their own clothing collections.

Such innovations force us to change our perception of familiar things and perceive, for example, patchwork technique in a new way. Today, there are no special rules in art prints, there is only a slight adherence to the general aesthetics. Most likely today we can talk about a violation of all the rules, where a crazy cocktail of all existing images in one product is already the norm.

This is an ideal situation where everyone can be comfortable for themselves: designers can express themselves without regard to the limitations of trends, and consumers can choose and wear what they really like without fear of being ridiculed.