Tip #3: "Sizing and placement of paintings in the interior."

If you are working on the design of space through paintings, then there are some rules or features that you should pay attention to.

Large paintings

One large canvas, for example, 2 by 3 meters, can replace the entire decor in the room and visually enlarge the wall.

The size of the picture is one of the artists' provocations, as it enhances the visual effect of the work itself. Imagine a realistically drawn crocodile measuring 3 by 5 meters, seeing this, you will definitely not forget it. History is full of examples when a plot presented on a large canvas made an indelible impression. As an example: The Copper Serpent" by Fyodor Bruni or "The Last Day of Pompeii" by Bryullov. In this case, it is possible that you will remember the image in the picture in a small size more.


Vertically oriented canvases visually stretch the space. For example, if there is a need to visually raise the ceiling, then this is your choice.

If we talk about the fullness of the wall itself, then it is important to remember that a picture or an ensemble of pictures should not exceed ¾ of the wall, the same rule applies to your furniture. Your picture should be ¾ of the object it is above.


Larger paintings look best on their own, while smaller paintings work best when grouped together. It is advisable to group them by common theme. For example, the same color in all the paintings or create a kind of visual story from them.

Pictures of small size, when hung on the wall, can be formed into a certain geometric shape. They do not have to be hung strictly in the center, try playing with asymmetry, this will enhance the effect of some paintings, for example, that you like more and weaken others.

Don't be afraid to mix different types of artwork. Photos, collages, illustrations, the main thing is to combine them according to common features

Position on the wall

Do not forget about the main criterion - this is the height at which the paintings are placed. It all depends on your own height, since the most correct solution would be to hang the work at the level of your gaze.

About collectors

Art works of large and huge sizes are incredibly popular among art collectors at the moment. The reason for this is inflated art prices and potential high profits from sales. Interestingly, this trend has forced many auction houses to expand, as the larger the size of the art object, the greater the profit.