Tip #2. "How to choose a painting for yourself?"

Just liked

Choose the one you just like. A picture that matches the color of the wallpaper in your room or in general, the color scheme of your personal space. Any painting can enhance or detract from the features of your space.

Subconscious choice

This option is a little more difficult. This is the picture that provoked you to an internal dialogue with yourself. Something that causes you a certain reaction or feeling that you would like to repeat by looking at this picture again and again.

Sentimental affection

Well, no one has canceled the pictures drawn by people dear to us, for example, your children.


It is possible that a painting bought today will make you rich tomorrow. Life is full of such stories. Our parents had no idea that they were making long-term investments, acquiring various knick-knacks to fit their mood. Today, these are decor items that are worth much more than what was once invested in them: because the fashion returned or the artist became famous or many other things can happen.

So, we wish you good luck in finding your future treasures.