Tip #1: Art is easy!

We are all used to the fact that paintings exist in museums. In order to understand what the artist portrayed, one must get at least an education in the field of the arts, and to discuss the picture one needs education in philosophy and psychology. To acquire an art object, you need a lot of money and space, where it should be exhibited or stored. In general, it turns out that the art - it's straight as Mount Everest. Do not understand, do not comprehend ... While any artist, creating his work tends to be, at least, understood and appreciated.

If you are close to the theme of art and you do not know where to start, then start with a simple one.


Start by choosing your favorite painting from the ones you've previously viewed, then buy a reproduction of it as a poster and hang it on the wall in your apartment or office. Rate if you like what you see.

To date, there are several sites on the Internet that help to purchase the work of artists, illustrators and graphic designers in the form of posters or as art prints on everyday things (on a T-shirt or bag, etc.). All these incredibly creative works allow you to decorate your space and make the ordinary thing unique. Thus, you can create your personal space different from everyone else.

For example, visit http://www.artoutloop.com/ You will see what is at stake.