MAS 1. Antwerpen.

MAS 1. Antwerpen.

Surprisingly, Antwerpen has many incredible pieces of modern art. Amazing building of the Maritime Museum is located at the sea docks. The creators of MAS are the Dutch architectural firm Neutelings Riedijk.


Once upon a time there was a huge house of German merchants on the docks. The dramatic story of Anwerp speaks of the capture of the city by Spanish soldiers. The inhabitants of Antwerp were forced to flee to the Dutch lands. During this period, the building was used for other purposes. First, it housed a hospital, then a barracks, after which the building was used for storing grain and in the end it simply burned down. In its place, they tried to build storage facilities for grain again, but after a while they were demolished, and this unique building was built.

Today it is not only a history museum, but also an art one. The extensive collections of the museum include works of art, archaeological finds, and jewelry. Thematic exhibitions of contemporary world art are regularly held here.


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