Glove Market Area (De Handschoenmarkt Antwerpen)

Glove Market Area (De Handschoenmarkt Antwerpen)

Small cozy square, directly opposite the cathedral. This square, although very small, is full of surprises. You guessed by the name of the square that there used to be a glove market. Our attention was drawn to this charming Quentin Mets water hole with a wrought iron frame.

Firstly, the well was active for a long time, and not decorative.

Secondly, he has his own charming legend. Once upon a time, Quintene Metsiise fell in love with a charming girl. In order to get the consent of her parents, he tried to impress them by drawing a very realistic fly on the wall from the apartment. The girl’s father tried for a long time to kill the fly, but when he realized that it was painted, he genuinely admired the skill of Quintene Metsiisa and allowed him to marry his daughter. Later he became the author of a decorative lattice for a water hole. The lattice itself is dedicated to the Roman warrior of royal blood, Silvius Brabo, who saved the sailors from the tough giant Antigonus, who robbed ships and chopped off their hands collecting duties. Brabo defeated the giant and chopped off his hand, and in this place a city called Antwerp appeared (hand werpen, translated from the Dutch language meaning "throw a hand").

Awesome legend! Around the well, life is boiling today. There is always a lot of people here.


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