Brussels countryside cows.

Brussels countryside cows.

For many people, the cow is a symbol associated with life and prosperity. The cow symbol is well known to both astronomers and astrologers. The image of a cow adorns many coats of arms.


Ancient peoples endowed the cow with supernatural and even cosmic powers. The ability of a cow to give milk was deified. Cow's milk was credited with special strength. There was a myth about the heavenly cow-mother, who was the nurse of everything living on earth. The horns of the cow were also a wonderful artifact. In one case, they were depicted in the form of a crescent, and then they were a symbol of the moon, in another case, a golden disk was placed between the horns of a cow, and then the horns became a symbol of the sun.


Until now, many peoples' holidays begin with a procession of cows, decorated with colorful garlands of flowers. Even today, meeting a cow on your way is considered a sign that you are moving in the right direction. At all times, the calm disposition of the cow has been an example of a serene and happy life. Images of a cow in the house attract a calm and prosperous life.



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